Get Your Car Looking Brand-New Again at Waldorf Toyota Collision Center

Have a few minor scratches on your car from busy parking lots? Or, have some rock chip damage on your car from driving the highway? Experience a car accident lately, and need to have the damage repaired? Don’t let those imperfections become eye sores, contact our Collision Center, and leave the repairs up to the experts.

Here at the Waldorf Toyota Collision Center, we service ALL MAKES AND MODELS, and work with ALL MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES, making your experience with us easy and stress-free.

If you drive a Toyota vehicle, Waldorf Toyota Collision Center demonstrates a commitment to excellence by meeting Toyota Benchmarks and Standards in ten key areas such as Technician Training, Certification, Tools, Equipment, Toyota Genuine Parts and Customer Satisfaction.

We know your vehicle and understand the importance of fixing it right the first time to bring your car back to like-new condition. Because your Toyota is built to such high standards in fit and finish, an equally high level of collision repair and refinish service is required to restore your vehicle to original specifications. Genuine Toyota Parts assure that your vehicle will be repaired with the same quality parts originally installed on your vehicle at the factory. Genuine Toyota Replacement Parts are manufactured to the same specifications as the parts installed on new Toyota vehicles, a process that has helped Toyota gain its outstanding reputation for quality. Utilize the Power of Toyota Certification and choose Waldorf Toyota Collision Center for your repair needs.

So visit us online, or set up your appointment to get your car looking as good as new, today!


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